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Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach

Receive your Certificate as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach. We are a part of the gold standard. It's not just the desire to improve yourself - it's working extremely hard to create a healthier world, one life at a time.

The certified Professionals are making a difference across the globe every day - educating lives whether they're personalizing a workout course, leading a community in health creativity. You will gain the credibility that’s essential with employers and respected institutions across health-related areas. And, you'll confirm that you've achieved a level of knowledge backed by the science.

Are you ready to reach for your goals, personally and professionally? Are you Ready to challenge yourself? Are you Ready to study hard? Are you Ready to learn? The UFASE education is an intense 7 weeks education, onsite 12th of July-12th of August 2020. 3 weeks of self studies before arrival (not on site)  

Fitness - Education - Experience    

The Education


UFASE - Ultimate Fitness and Sports Education

This is the most comprehensive education on the market. We will prepare you for the real world and what a fitness camp, a gym or a client wants from a personal trainer. 7 weeks or 240 hours of theoretical and practical studies in a fitness environment. You will live, study, eat and practice your skills in a real fitness environment.  You will also watch and get inspired by real trainers working in a real fitness environment. 



Basic knowledge theory in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, training and occupation: Personal Trainer.  No prior knowledge required.

Anatomy; Skeletal and joints, the muscular system Physiology; Muscle physiology and exercise effects Nutrition; Nutrients, energy system.


This is where we put the theory in practice. Here we focus on fitness and strength training. How to instruct and fit a large number of weight training exercises with free weights, body strain and stretching. There will be emphasis on the practical part, which is unique for a personal training education.  

Exercise physiology; Training sessions and theories

Occupation: Personal Trainer; Communication and theories  

We cover practical with theoretical elements, this part can not be taught without it being teacher-led. The block will end with a practical examination.

Functional anatomy

Muscles in motion

Principles of training programs

Introduction to strength training

Flexibility Contraindications on exercise     

After completing this education, you will have a Diploma as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach in accordance with international standards and practice when passing the ACE exam.


Certified Personal Trainer Course.

Develop your career in Personal Training, one of the fastest growing professions in the health and fitness industry. Working as a personal trainer is one of the most rewarding career choices you can make. This 7 week course has been designed for those who are time-challenged. It includes both theoretical and practical skills to enable you to provide professional 1-on-1 or small-group training. Learn to seamlessly design and instruct personalized training programs for clients of all levels and goals – integrating assessments and programming to facilitate behavior change while training posture, function, cardiorespiratory fitness and muscular endurance, strength or power. Become equipped to empower, motivate, challenge and retain your clients for the long term.

7 weeks = 40h/w = 280h = 100%
Training Philosophy
Mobility and functional movement
Basic movements /exercise techniques   Including: Squat, Hip hinge, Press, Pull, Core, Gymnastics, Loaded carries , Lunge, Running

Screening and test methods and consultation
Entrepreneurship and organization
Olympic Weightlifting  
Personal trainer internship  
Program design planning

After completing this education and passing the exams, you will have a Diploma as a Licensed Personal Trainer once you passed the ACE exam you can also register at the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS).
The final Exam will be held after the course, additional cost for the exam is 390usd. 

The certification part depends on how much you study, if you study real hard the 7 weeks of the education we can determine if you are ready to take the final exam at the end of the 4 weeks, but this is very individual. Our job is to make you ready and we are giving you all the necessary information both theoretical and practical in order for you to pass the final exam and become a certified personal trainer.  

Diploma completed course  Personal Trainer  

Certified UFASE = Pass the practical and theoretical part




Our Vision

Our vision is to create the Ultimate Fitness Trainer through the most comprehensive, qualitative and scientific based education and practical experience.     



We will cover the basic knowledge in the field of fitness to get you prepared for a career as a personal trainer and fitness coach. 

This is the Ultimate Fitness And Sports Education, not an online course.  


Learn from the best. Education is the key factor here and why we are so proud of UFASE and what it represents. Consisting of 4 weeks on-site, PT/group instructor practice in Thailand and 120 hours of home studies. 


You will also get the necessary practical experience a personal trainer and fitness coach acquire. Each element will be tested and your practical skills will be quality controlled. We are serious about our education and will make sure to graduate the ultimate Fitness trainer.

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 Ultimate Fitness And Sports Education

 Fitness - Education - Experience

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