Teacher and Lecturer

Alberto Bossum

  • Owner and Founder of Empower Fitness Professionals ( Fitness Certifications Platform 2018)
  • 3hFit Shanghai as Director of Education & ACE Master Instructor 2013 - 2017
  • Hero Spirit Gym Beijing - Strength & Conditioning Coach ( China ) 2012 – 2013 Developed programs for clients and instructors.
    Taught workshops on proper training techniques and execution of movements
  • MFT - Martial Fitness Master Instructor ( China ) 2010 – 2012
    Maintained student numbers and developed other instructors
  • Black Tiger Beijing as a Coaches Director ( China ) 2008 – 2010. Implemented training programs and standards in the company.
    Developed training protocols for difficult clients and members
  • Free lance Personal Trainer and Sport Coach ( Italy - Australia ) 2006 – 2008. Managed client programs and marketing.
    Developed relationships with local companies and businesses. Gave health and fitness talks in the community
    Alberto is a very passionate Coach and business owner, with 10 years of experience in leading numerous clients to their fitness goals. He specializes in Strength & Conditioning for any type of athlete and fitness enthusiast. He has worked with numerous athletes ranging from professional fighters, Crossfit athletes, endurance athletes and football players that wanted to improve their performance. He is a very successful ACE facilitator. For the past 4 years he has helped more than a 100 students prepare for their ACE PT certification exams. His students have achieved a 90% passing rate. 


Technical Institute of Legal Business & Economic 


ACE International Certified Personal Trainer ACE Facilitator Excellence 2012 NAFC Master Trainer TP Foam Roller Master Trainer 

TP MCT Master Trainer Twist Conditioning Master Trainer Crossfit Level 1 Trainer TRX Master Trainer HIIT Specialist Master Instructor Stroops Master Coach ACSM CPT AIK (Australian Institute of Kettlebells) KB1, KB2, KB3 Master Instructor Fluent in English, Italian and conversational Mandarin 


How it all began


Recruiting the right personal trainers with the right skills and knowledge was almost always a problem. In order to offer high quality classes and keep the clients satisfied we needed experienced trainers with a wide range of knowledge within fitness. A trainer that could hold a group class, personal training session, have knowledge in nutrition, could lift and knew how to adapt to different clients. The ultimate trainer we where looking for but couldn’t find. The Solution was to create one. 

Next challenge was how could we create the Ultimate fitness trainer? That’s where we got in touch with the best! We teamed up with one of Sweden’s top Sports Colleges teaching the fundamentals of fitness and nutrition. We have now created the Ultimate place to become a Fitness Trainer through the most comprehensive, qualitative and scientific based education and practical experience. Since 2018 Our Professor Alberto has taken full control over the educational system and order of UFASE.     

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